Making tea -part 2- tea bags


Ok, I am putting this as a separate post… As I am still learning how to blog, and I don’t want to make my posts too long!
I ordered iron close tea bags on-line, and used organic natural twine for the string. I printed labels with the name of the tea on one side and the ingredients on the other side. I just played around with columns and margins on Word until I had a size and design I liked. The first column, I listed the ingredients, and the second column added the name of the tea. This way, when i cut and folded the tags, the fold is on the left side. Post if you would like me to attach one of the pages I designed…
To make the tea bags, I put about a teaspoon of tea into each bag.

I cut up my string into about 4-6 inch pieces. Then, I inserted one end of the string into the tea bag, and ironed it shut so it held the string in place. On the other end of the string, I used double sided tape to hold the tag closed, and the string in place.

I ended up using most of the tea bags I made to include with the christmas card I gave to the people at my work. I put one tea bag into a small plastic bag and closed the bag by stapling on a little tag with instructions.


That’s it!
I am lucky enough to actually have enough tea left to make a few cups for myself!

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