Cupcake quilt -part one!


So, before I started painting my daughters room, I thought we would start with making all of the accessories, like curtains and bedding. This way, I can make sure the room won’t bee too busy with a design on the walls. Once we “cupcake” her bed, shelves and curtains, to add a cupcake design on the walls might be too much…
So, my first step in making the quilt was to aimlessly wander the aisles of fabricland.. I knew the colour scheme was going to be pink and black, so I looked for fabrics that had a striped pattern for the cupcake base and textured patterns for the top. These are the fabrics I chose…


I then made a template or pattern for the top and bottom of the cupcake and tried cutting out a few to see what it would look like. I always need to “dry fit” my quilts to see if I like the design…I think it would be horrible to spend so much time putting together a quilt that you don’t end up liking. So here is my first layout.

Between each cupcake, I am also going to add a small border of hot pink and another on of a black and white zebra print.
Ok, now for the actual sewing together…I figured that the best way to put it together was to line each cupcake top with a black fabric. So I pinned each cupcake top to the black fabric (right sides in), pinned them, then cut them out (with some help of course!)
I just realized that people always ask me how I find the time to do projects like this when I have two kids. So, I am going to start posting what the kids are doing when I am working. My daughter is also very crafty and creative, so she is often working on projects beside me with the same materials… Or “helping” me. I have great helpers!


While I was working today, Sam made a matching scarf for Sunshine, her bear. I think sunshine needs a new dress and hat too! Wink wink…

Back to my quilt… Next, I sewed around each muffin top, leaving a 2-3 inch gap, and turned them right side out. Once again, because I used knit fabrics, I don’t have to clip or trim the seams before turning them right side out. But, if you are using a woven fabric with no stretch, tou will have to clip the fabric around the seams so it will turn inside out neatly.

By the way, I didn’t explain my logic for lining each piece…because I do want to be able to throw this quilt in the washing machine, I want all of the pieces to have finished edges. I could turn all of the edges under, which I will do for the bottoms, because they are all straight seams, but because the cupcakes tops are so curvy, this is the easiest way. Also, I used black fabric, because my background fabric is black. I could have also used a matching pink fabric, but I didn’t have enough, and wanted to use something cheaper, and less bulky.
Once I finished all of the tops, I turned in the edges of the cupcake bottoms by pinning them in place on the background fabric, then pinned on the tops. I am now going to sew all 12 cupcakes on the background fabric… I will make another post when I am ready for the next step…


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  1. You are just too brilliant for words. Can’t believe I am related to you????? You obviously got all the talent. Oh yes, I am related only by marriage – that explains everything. The other half got all the talent. Really enjoyed reading about your project and Samantha’s too – she is just as brilliant as her Mom. See it is in the genes. Hate to admit I even had trouble understanding your instructions so you could only imagine my results if I even tried. Proud to know you.


  2. Wow El you have been busy …what a Super idea …she will love it when it is all done …I don’t need to ask if you ‘ve enjoyed your holidays !!! Aunt Jeanne


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