Cupcake quilt – part three


Before I start telling you about my progress on the quilt, I have to show you what my daughter made while I was working (see my last cupcake quilt post)… She used all of the leftover scraps, and arranged them on a blank canvas I bought. I did give her a hand with the hot glue gun because I have burned myself so many times I have at least 4 scars from hot glue… I’m not sure at what age I will let her subject herself to the same kind of pain… Anyways, here is what she did:

Cool eh? We are going to hang it in her new room.
Here is where I am at:

I have all of the cupcake blocks laid out on the floor to see how long and wide it would be. I wanted it to be large enough so that it would hang over her bed a little, and because she has a queen sized bed, this is turning out to be pretty big! I went to Fabricland yesterday to by fabric to back the quilt with, and I missed their sale, so it was going to cost me over $70.00 just for the material for the back! So, I went to the drapery store next door to Fabricland and bought a flat queen sized sheet for $15 that I will use instead. The only issue is that, as you can see, it is a little shorter that I had planned, so I am going to add about two feet on the top of black polar fleece. I am using polar fleece for two reasons; first, I don’t have any more black fabric, and second, I thought this is the part that will be touching her skin, so why not use something soft…
So now that I know how much black fabric should be between each block, I will cut some strips of the black fabric. I will show you the easiest way to put everything together in my next post. If my husband keeps playing basketball with the kids, I should be able to finish soon.

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