Cupcake quilt #4 – almost done!


Hi again,
Today, I have been working on sewing the black border around each cupcake block. I finished the zebra skin border, and the black border is the last step! Because the black separates each block and connects the whole quilt together, I sewed it together a little differently than the pink and zebra borders.


After I played around with the order of which cupcake goes where on the quilt, I cut out a whole bunch of black strips of polar fleece, all about three inches wide. I sewed a black strip in between each cupcake to connect each row of three cupcakes.
Here is another polar fleece tip… Some colours of polar fleece, like the black are hard to tell which is the front and back, so a trick is to stretch the fabric a little. The tension will make the polar fleece curl, but it will always curl towards the wrong side, so whenever I got the strips mixed up, I used this trick so I didn’t get right and wrong sides mixed up.


Then, as you can see in the picture, I sewed a longer black strip to connect each row of three cupcakes together with the next row. At this point, I actually used a few pins to make sure the corners of each cupcake row lined up.
This part takes forever! Each seam is eight feet long, so it is time consuming and tedious, not to mention how large and heavy it is!
So, what were the kids doing? I will post it in a separate post….

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  1. Hi El
    It looks great – you have had a productive week, haven’t talked but I feel I have !! the tip for the right and wrong side of the fleece was good …had not figured that out !!
    xo jk


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