Kids project -pillows


So, what were the kids doing while I was sewing the miles of fabric for the cupcake quilt?
My daughter was given a kit for Christmas where you could make your own pillow out of polar fleece. (thanks mom!) However, some of the decorations were missing from the package, and my son was interested in making a pillow too. So, we used the pattern, to make another pillow. It is an easy and cute design. I have also seen baby blankets done in the same way.
Here is what the finished products looked like:

We started with a square of polar fleece about four inches bigger than our pillow all the way around. I just laid the two fabrics on top of each other and put the pillow on top and cut around it, I am not by nature one who measures… But measure if it makes you feel better!

Then, I cut out a square from each corner

I cut a fringe around the perimeter, by cutting in at every 1-1 1/2″. You should also cut in at least 3″.

Then, you simply put the pillow in between the two layers and tie double knots all the way around the perimeter.

The only thing you need to be careful of is that the fringe at the front and back match up so you don’t end up with an odd one at the corner. They needed a little help at first, but if your child knows how to tie a knot, this is a pretty easy project! Here is a closer look


Ok, I have had a little break from sewing now… We had lunch, gave the kids their showers, and baked some cookies, so now back to sewing.
Have I mentioned that I am going back to work on Monday? You will probably notice my creativity time drop off at the beginning of next week… Work has a tendency to cut into my time a little. I’m glad a have a job where I can still be creative…but, I can’t wait until summer!

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