Cupcake quilt -finishing touches… Yahoo!


Finally, I am on the last couple steps of this quilt. Now that it is in one big piece, every seam that I sew is 8 feet long, so by this point, I couldn’t imagine how many meters or kilometers i have sewn!
So here is what I did today…
Because the black sheet i was using to back the quilt is a little too short, i added a strip of polar fleece to the top of it. I figured since I was adding this piece, I might as well add a little detail. On a rectangle of the black polar fleece, I sewed a message to my daughter, so when she turns over the quilt before she gets into bed every night, she will see it. (this photo shows the detail on the finished quilt…I didn’t take pictures during the sewing)

Then I laid out the black fabric on the floor, right side up, and laid the quilt on top of that, right side down. Important, make sure the right sides are together at this stage, it is a lot of sewing to rip out if you make a mistake here! Then I sewed all the way around the perimeter, leaving a couple feet open on the side seam so I could turn it inside out.
Before turning it right side out, clip the corners so your corners will turn out neater.


I turned the quilt right side out and hand sewed close the opening. I have also decided to put a quick line of hand stitching on the black lines of the quilt to hold the back and front together…
Tada! Finally done!
Now we can put it in her room and decide what we want to do with the walls… I’ll keep you posted!


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