Snowflake manicure anyone?


As a parent, I often think that my kids have no clue what life is like for other children…. And in some ways, I find that comforting. In other ways, it’s also disturbing, but in this case, I’m going to go with comforting.
When Sam was younger, while my son and husband would be playing soccer or basketball, we would have our “girls time” where I would do her hair, or nails, or other girl stuff. Sam, at times has been very specific and detailed in her requests for her manicures, wanting every nail a different colour, or happy faces on every nail, then progressing to a happy face on finger #1, sad face for finger #2… Etc. (she thinks that this is a completely normal request…) So, during our most recent girl time, she requested a winter manicure, with snowflakes on every finger…

So far, both of my kids have enjoyed seeing themselves on my bog, so Sam’s first comment was, “hey mom, why don’t you write a blog about my nails?” and I thought, why not? So here goes…
How to do a snowflake manicure
Here is what the finished product looks like:

Begin by painting the nails with two coats of you base colour. We picked a light blue.

For the next step, the trick is to use a nail polish with a really thin brush. You can buy them at shoppers, or the dollar store.

Begin the snowflake by using the thin brush to draw three intersecting lines like shown…

Then, because a 7 year old has very small nails, I put on my glasses and on three of the lines, I added a v. See below…

We finished the manicure by giving it a few minutes to dry, then adding a clear top coat to seal in the design.
I ended up using the exact same design when I made cookies a couple days later. I used white icing, then sprinkled on a coarse sugar on top.


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