Shop day with uncle Scott


So, can you tell we are no longer on holidays…i think i have posted once this week!
I wanted to share with you what we did last weekend. My brother is a professional artist and has a few times (yes, surprisingly we have been invited back more than once!) invited my kids over to create an artwork in his shop. We have made amazing sculptures, designs and one year, we even made the titanic!

This time, he invited us over to try making some art using his routing machine…wait until you see what the kids made! I know most people don’t have machinery like this at home, so this is not the type of project you can follow along and try and home, but we had fun and I thought the process was cool.

The kids started at home, by doing line drawings where we tried to make sure all of the lines were connected. Dylan’s is the square design and Sam cut her swirls out of construction paper.


So, I took pictures of their designs and emailed them to Scott. He then played around with the design using some of his software…sorry Scott, I really should have written down the name… Anyways, Leo also did a drawing using circles. Then, at Scott’s shop, we got to see the machine in action! We looked at our designs on the computer, then turned on the machine…the kids loved pushing the buttons and watching it warm up!


Sam’s design didn’t turn out to be the easiest to cut out, so she improvised and did another quick drawing which ended up turning out really well!
I forgot to mention that we ended up picking an 1/8″ Masonite for their designs. It is strong enough, light weight and also looks really nice in its natural state.
Here is what it looked like as they were being cut out


Here is them proudly showing off their finished products!



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  1. Absolutely brilliant. What a great addition to your home and the kids will always look and remember a special time and talent with Uncle Scott.


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