Pimping out a mirror


Ok, so it’s Sunday, which means we have a little bit of spare time….which means, it’s craft time!

So, one of Sam’s favourite things to do is to look in the mirror… So why not make her mirror a little nicer?
We are using a plain full length mirror (this one was actually left in her room by the previous owners of the house), we bought some plastic flowers at the dollar store (I spent $8 on 8 bunches…I’ll let you know how many we actually needed) and a regular glue gun.

Sam and Dylan helped out by pulling all of the heads off of the flowers.

Then we pulled apart the flowers….

I clipped off the “stems” from the middle of the flowers, so that when I glued the flowers on the frame, they would lay flat.

Because there was nothing holding the flowers together now, because i chopped off the “stems”, I added a little bit of hot glue between each layer of the flower, then glued them around the perimeter of the frame. It took five of the bunches of flowers to cover the who.e frame.

Then, I used some of the leaves to glue in between the flowers to cover where the frame was showing through.


As you can see, she has been using it already! I am looking forward to seeing it up in her room.

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