Making purses with the girls


So, on the weekend, Dylan went to a birthday party playing lazer tag with the boys, while we looked after Sam and her friend from across the street.
The girls were playing with their stuffed animals and decided that they needed a way to carry them so they could have their hands free to do other important things. Sewing a bag is a very simple project, if you do not sew, this is a great project to start with… Why not make a reusable grocery bag, or tapestry purse, hmmmm?
Here is what the finished product looks like…

We started by picking some scraps of fabric. We laid out their stuffed animals on top of the fabric and they cut out a square a little bit larger than their animals. Then, they drew patterns of flowers onto a paper, and I pinned their patterns to the fabric, and they cut it out. I pinned their flowers onto their fabric and sewed around the perimeter, then clipped around the polar fleece to neaten it up.

Then I turned under the seams to finish the top edges…

Then, putting the right sides together, I sewed around the sides, leaving the top open..

Then, because I knew the bags were going to hold three dimensional stuffed animals, while the bags were inside out, I sewed a diagonal seam across the corners, I hope you can see how to do it in the picture…

This is what the corners look like when is turned back right side out….

We cut out a couple long strips of fabric for the straps, and I sewed a seam, right sides together down the length of the strap

Then to attach the straps to their bags, I sewed a little square on both of the side seams. The square makes it a little stronger and less likely to rip. Because I know my daughter, I realize that most likely, at some point in time, this bag will probably be filled with rocks, or marbles, or other treasures…so it’s better to reinforce it now. (You never know what a girl is going to need to put in her purse….)

After we clipped the threads, the girls were ready to go (and played quietly while I started on my next project…stay tuned!)


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