Making bookmarks



I needed a small gift for guest speakers at work, so I thought bookmarks would be a nice idea…

It took a while to figure the materials, but here is what I came up with. We started with shrinky-dinks. You can buy it at most craft stores, it is the plastic that shrinks when you put it in the oven.

I cut out rectangles with rounded corners, punched a hole, then wrote, “thanks” with a permanent marker. Then I put them in the oven at 325, for about 5 minutes. When they shrink, they curl right up, but leave them in the oven until they flatten back out.

The kids love making these too. Both of the kids made a couple small pieces, that I am going to attach to keychains to use as zipper pulls, or on their back packs. I’ll show you a picture when they are done.



After they cooled, I used pliers to attach a jump ring (fancy name for the little metal ring) to each one.

Then, to make the bookmark part, I actually found a plastic binder with a bit of a texture and cut it into pieces. I started with an exacto knife, but learned that scissors work just as well. I rounded the corners with the scissors. Then, I used a single hole punch to punch a hole in the top of each bookmark.



To make the decorations on the end of the bookmarks, I used a variety of black, silver, and crystal beads. I threaded them on a head pin (a head pin is like a normal pin, but meant for jewellery because it is bendable) cut the excess wire off and bent a loop. Then I attached the loops to the jump ring with the shrinky-dink tag.



Then I cut lengths of black ribbon a little less than a foot long. I threaded the jump rings on the ribbon and tied a knot.

The final step was to thread the loop of the ribbon through the hole in the bookmark and pull the ends back through the loop to attach it to the bookmark.




I also needed a few extra, so I cut up a grey plastic duo tang cover, and made a few grey ones too. Done.


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