Painting the bedroom


Here is what my daughter’s bedroom looked like before we started redecorating…


When we moved into the house, we discovered that the previous owners had simply hung pictures where there were holes, or patches in the drywall, and Sam’s room was patched all over! So, my temporary solution was to stick up a set of wall stickers I found on sale at winners… But it has been almost three years now…
So, if you have been reading my blog, you know that the theme she has picked for her new room is cupcakes, and the colours are black and pink. Now that i have the quilt done, I am ready to paint.
I know my mom is going to hate this, but we started by painting one wall black…. I know, I know, what am I thinking… my daughter is 7… I wasn’t allowed to paint my room black until I was 17! But, don’t judge yet!
Here is what the wall looks like…

Then, we painted the rest of the room “watermelon pink”. I picked the colour from the pink in her quilt.


And… Thanks to modern technology, I can try out some different ideas for one of the walls… What do you think? How can you go wrong with pink leopard skin?? I think I like the pink background better, but I will have do do a little test on the wall first to figure out the scale and design… These are just really quick sketches.


I think I might do something to update her dressers too…

I’m back to work tomorrow, so I’ll keep you posted…

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