“leopardizing” the walls


“Leopardizing” the walls
Yesterday, thanks to my wonderful husband, I got a couple hours to paint Sam’s wall…
So, If you are interested in turning a wall of your house into a hot pink leopard skin pattern, then you are in the right place! But, for those of you who are not interested, the same techniques can be used with different colour schemes, on multiple surfaces, or projects. I have even painted a few serving dishes in leopard skin.

I started by using a plain white paint I had lying around (I actually used a primer). I randomly covered the walls with dots of different sizes and shapes. I could have used smaller dots, and put them closer together, but I wanted to keep the scale a little larger.

Then, I used the same black latex paint I used for her walls to add the black pattern around the white. There are a couple tricks or suggestions I have here. I tried to keep the black random by painting all the way around some of the white, but only adding outlines to two of the sides of some, and painting a “u” outline around others. My second tip is to water down the paint a little. To make the pattern look sharp and professional (I mean, come on we need to make our leopard skin look like its painted by a pro!) be careful to keep all of the lines sharp, with no brushstrokes showing. To look closely at some examples, just google, “pictures of leopard skin patterns”

I would also recommend taking a few steps back every few minutes. Where I saw gaps, or spaces, I added more black spots with paint.



So, that’s basically it… Today I am going to try to do something with her IKEA furniture and curtains…don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted… I am actually getting close to finishing her room! By March break I should be ready to renovate the bathroom! (no, seriously… my plan is that on March break I am going to change the countertops, sinks and tile in the upstairs bathroom!)

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