Painting a vase


Yesterday, I was working on making some changes to my daughter’s dresser so that it will match her room better, and I decided to personalize the drawer pulls, which are porcelain, so I got out my porcelain paint….I will show you the type and brand of paint I use in my next post, along with some pictures, when I have finished her dresser, hopefully in the next few days.
But for now, I will show you the vase I painted with the same porcelain paints. I had some left over flowers from the mirror we decorated, so I just had to make something to hold them in! Here is what the finished vase looks like…

There is not a whole lot I need to write here in terms of instructions, because I think the pictures will explain how to do it…
I started by painting lines…

Then I painted a couple of the stripes pink…

Then I painted the bottoms of the cupcakes…

Then the tops…

Then I started the leopard print by adding white dots to the pink stripes, and I added cherries to the cupcakes…

Then I used a ceramic paint pen to outline and add details to the cupcakes…

While I was painting, Samantha, of course, had to get in on the action and paint too. Here is Sam’s cup she painted. We decided that she needed to paint something in her room to hold her pencils!

Ok, back to painting the vase. My next step was to paint the zebra design on the top white stripe…

Then I added the black detail to the leopard skin (if you want more details on how to paint the leopard pattern, see my post called, “leopardizing the walls”)

I repeated the same zebra and leopard skin patterns on the bottom of the vase, then I decided that maybe the cupcakes needed a thicker border, so I painted a thicker border.


That’s it! A little trick to the ceramic painting is that when the paint has totally dried, I will go back with a pin to scratch off a few of the areas I would like to clean up.
This paint also needs to dry for 24 hours, then it cooks in the oven. It will then be dishwasher and food safe!

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