Custom trophy for art class!


Samantha took basketball last year, and I think the only reason she wanted to take it was because they give out trophies. She always has wanted to take dance or art classes, while Dylan has always played sports. So, Dylan has a shelf full of trophies, and Sam has her basketball trophy, and her “worlds greatest lover trophy” (she begged me to buy it on Valentine’s day at the dollar store… How could i say no?) She has mentioned trophies a few times, and the more I think about it, the more I agree… Why shouldn’t she get a trophy for taking a ballet class or art class?
I went to the Value Village 50% off sale last week with a friend of mine, and we found a couple old trophies. We picked out the ones with females, and paid two dollars each. Today is Samantha’s last art class, so it’s trophy time!
Here is what the trophy looked like before:

To start the transformation, I ripped off the engraved plate, and unscrewed the figure from the top.

Then i dug around the basement to find some “replacement parts” i found some stickers and butterfly picks (used for flower arranging i think.) My husband helped me cut the wires and I hot glued the butterflies into the hole.

Then, I used the stickers to spell out her name and year, and added “art” to the trophy. Done!


The best part was that when she got home from her class, Dylan made up a little award ceremony, gave a little speech, and presented her with the trophy… She was thrilled!




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