Plasticine pictures


As I mentioned yesterday, it was just the kids and I for the day. We made caramel popcorn in the morning, then went to the mall and dollar story to get stocked up for art supplies for our week!
One of my ideas for this blog has been to customize the layout a little more… Starting with the header, or title of Artzcool. But, the problem is that I haven’t been able to settle on one design, so I am going to try to do each letter a different medium, depending on what we are working on around here. So I am starting with the “A”. Yesterday, we made plasticine pictures.
Here is my A…

I used a Masonite board that I bought at Curry’s for about a dollar. I gave the kids balsa wood shapes we bought at Walmart. They came with hooks for hanging already attached, so they wanted to make signs for their rooms. We also bought the plasticine at the dollar store… How can you not love that place!


We picked a background colour then almost smeared the plasticine to cover in a really thin layer.


I didn’t do such a great job of taking photos of the next couple steps because I was busy playing around with a time lapse app I found…. These plasticine pictures are really cool to watch in time lapse! If I can figure out how to post a video, or a link i’ll let you know.
But, basically, I finished the blue background then added two hills of green on top, and started to form the trunk of the tree.

The kids were busy working on their projects..


I used a kitchen knife to score some lines in the grass and the trunk of the tree.


Then I started making the leaves by ripping off little pieces of plasticine and sticking them on the branches.


I used the knife again to score the veins on each leaf. I know, this would be painful for some people, but I love doing the details.

By about this point, the kids were finished their art, and started to get bored. Here are their finished products. They ended up making two each.

So I finished off the leaves, and added a bit of shading to the background using a BBQ skewer.

Here is the finished tree.

To make the letter, I just rolled out the plasticine and cut it out with a knife. Then I used a screw driver to make the dotted line around the perimeter.

Today’s project is the R! I think I am going to try out a mosaic with the kids…

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