Bathroom demo


I spent yesterday morning running around looking at cabinets, and I think we have finally decided on a vanity and countertop. We have decided to go with a dark wood 48″ vanity and black granite countertop. I am so excited!
But, we have a long way to go! Here is what the bathroom looked like last night…

Here is how we did it.. We began by taking the cabinets out, which was easy, compared to removing the countertop! We just had to undo a few screws.

Once all of the screws were removed, I just had to rock the cabinet a little to separate it from the silicone that was attaching it to the floor. Then, find place to put the cabinets!
Then, it was time for the real work… Removing the tile. In our house, like most houses, underneath the tile, there is a layer of wire mesh, which is nailed to the floor with a million nails. Then, a layer of mortar or cement is spread over the wire mesh, and the tiles are laid on top. I order to lay the new tile, we needed to rip all of these layers out… So we got to work with hammers and crow bars.


Note… This is a dirty job. You need gloves, safety goggles and earplugs… If we were smart, we probably should have worn masks too. We shoveled up about ten boxes of tile and rubble…We have learned from experience that putting the rubble in small boxes is the best way to remove it, and not so hard on your back!

After we finished shoveling, we used the shop vac to suck up the dust. Then I used a pair of pliers to pull out all of the remaining little pieces of mesh.

You can kind of see in the picture how many nails there were in this floor. I would say one about every three inches! Rather than pulling them out, I just hammered them all down so they were flush with the floor.
In order to support the tiles, there needs to be something more rigid than the plywood subfloor, so normally you would have to put the wire mesh and mortar down again, but I found this new stuff at Home Depot called Wonderboard. It cuts a lot like drywall, you score it, then snap it. So measure and cut it first. Then, you have to spread out a thin layer of mortar to act as a glue. You can see in the picture how I dropped blobs of mortar, the I used a trowel to spread it around evenly.

The next step is while the mortar is wet, you have to screw it down. John was great at this step! It was tones of fun!

I just mixed up enough mortar to glue the Wonderboard down, but when i mix more to lay the tiles, i will fill in the gaps where the boards meet, and if there are cut edges, there is a special mesh tape to tape the edges. But i will wait until i mix some more. At this point, our floor is ready to be tiled!

My plan next is to rip out the medicine cabinet, then fill all of the holes in the walls, and replace the section of damaged drywall I ripped out. If I can get that done soon, i can be ready to paint the bathroom before the vanities and toilet go back in.

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