Tissue paper flowers



At work, I try to keep up with the seasons by decorating according to the seasons, or special days. The challenge is to not spend a lot of money on these decorations. This is a craft that is easy to do, colourful, great for spring and inexpensive. Also, when i am finished with them, I stuff all of the flowers into boxes, and when i need them next year, i take them out, fluff them up, and they are good to use again.
Start with a couple sheets of tissue per flower (obviously smaller flowers need less paper)

To make a large flower, Cut the tissue paper into thirds, to make smaller flowers, cut into smaller pieces. I have found that 6 layers of tissue paper seems to make the best flowers.

Fold all layers into a fan, in about one inch sections or pleats…

Then pinch at the middle and twist a pipe cleaner around to hold them tightly in place, the tighter, the better. The pipe cleaner also is the stem, so leave one end long.

Then you have to separate each layer of tissue gently, by pulling it up towards the center. This is what fluffs it up and gives it volume.

You have to be careful to not rip the tissue, and pull one layer at a time. This is what it looks like half finished.

And, here is the finished flower…

Here is a flower using two different colours…

A bunch of flowers in different colours…



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