214 ways to say I love you


There are too many times in the year where we are pressured to do something or buy something for our partners…valentine’s day, Christmas, anniversary, birthday, etc. so, after being together for almost 15 years, John and I have come to an understanding to not to celebrate every one of these days. However, I think it is important at some point in the year to show your appreciation for each other.
This is what I did for John for our anniversary/valentines day this year…

I decorated his “office” with photos of all different ways to say I love you. For example, some of my favourite ones are…
I love you more than my iPad
Olive you (with a picture of an olive)
You’re my favourite baby daddy
I love you even when you steal all of the covers
I love you more than sports
Me without you is like peanut butter without the jelly
What I did was I googled, “funny ways to say I love you”, then I cut and pasted, and copied all of the ones that were personal to John and I. I also did a couple quick sketches of my own and took photos, and typed up a few.
Then, to make them all look the same, When i sent the pictures to be developed, i changed them all to black and white, and added a border.

Then, I taped them up with masking tape. However, I might laminate or frame some of them to make it more permanent…

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