Block and bubble letters



I love drawing letters, and I love picking and downloading fonts too. Actually along with publishing a book, designing a font is on my bucket list! As a teacher, I have spent many hours drawing, and choosing lettering styles and designs for worksheets, borders, posters for the classroom, and so on. Here is a quick and easy way that i use to draw block and bubble letters.
Materials needed

Step One -lightly write your words
The most important part is drawing your letters LIGHTLY. You should just be able to see the letters, no darker. You also want to get your spacing right, making sure all of your letters fit, and are the same size, and centered. So, clearly and neatly print your letters leaving space in between each letter. If you need to erase, now is the time!

Step Two- Trace around each letter
Make sure you leave the same amount of space around each letter.

Repeat this for all of the letters. For closed letters like o, b, d, etc, make sure you trace around the inside of the letter too.
If up you trace close to the letters, you will get a skinny letters, and if you trace farther away from the letters, they will be thicker…

Step Three – Erase your guidelines
Because you have used such a light pencil line in step one, it should erase easily, and no one will even know it was there!

Thats it!

To draw bubble letters, you repeat step one to three, the only difference is that you round the corners.

Now, you are ready to colour or add some details! Have fun!


I took a few minutes to shade the letters, but you can obviously colour them, or even add details inside the letters too! Enjoy.

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