Can you believe these are made from toilet paper rolls?



When I saw this craft, I just had to try it! Once again, I have been rewarded for my hoarding tendencies, I am so glad I didn’t throw out those rolls!
All you need to make these are the following:
Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
An old cardboard box
Glue gun
Exacto knife

Begin by cutting up an old box to make the border of your artwork. I found an old box the size that I needed, and cut it into slices with my exacto knife.
Then, cut all of the tubes into slices. To do this, simply flatten them in half and slice or cut with scissors.

I started by slicing them the width of the ruler, but then I decided they didn’t need to be so thick, so I sliced them in half. The width of each slice ended up being about a centimeter.
I started by playing around with the layout. I used four basic shapes… I will call them the scroll, the heart and the leaf, and the curl.

To make any of the curled shapes, you first have to clip the loop open, so it is a strip not a circle. The tricky part about making these shapes is to get the cardboard to curl in a nice curve, without bending or creating folds. The easiest way to do this is like how you curl ribbon. Pull gently with your nail a few times along the inside if the strip you want to curl, the roll with your fingers.

Then basically I just tried putting the shapes inside the frame. I tried a few different layouts until I found one that I liked. Here is what it looked like before I glued.

Then, I used the glue gun to glue sections together. You do not have to use a lot of glue, use it sparingly.

Here are what a few of the sections look like…



When it came to gluing them into the frame, I drew myself a guide on graph paper so I could keep the design square, and know where the center was.


Then, I repeated the process to make three different designs.
Here are the designs I came up with…

The final step, to make them look like iron, is to paint them black. I wouldn’t dare try to paint them with a brush because it would take hours, so I spray painted.

Here they are, all finished




Now, what am I going to make out of all the egg cartons I have in the basement? Hmmmm… Any ideas?
Here is my collage…

And, the picture I will post on Pinterest…


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    • Yes, I think kids would love this project too! I would love to take a quilling class… I have tried it before, with one of my art classes, but I would love to learn some more ideas.


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