Thanks for reading!


It is pretty cool to me that anyone else other than my immediate family is interested in what I am doing, so the fact that there has been over two thousand views at my blog in the last 20 days is pretty mind blowing to me!

It’s good that summer is coming up soon, because I might just be thinking of quitting my day job! (just joking john!) actually, i did look up blogging as a career… You can make a little bit of money blogging after you reach about 1000 views per day… So I think I’ll keep my day job for now…The best part for me about writing this blog, is I can look back at the last three months, and its pretty cool to see a record of what I have been doing… And the coolest part is that I could easily keep making and writing for the next 10 years with the all of the ideas I have…

By looking back at my life for the last three months, I have to say that I am very content with my life now, I’m in a very happy place! I have two intelligent, awesome kids; an amazingly supportive and involved husband; a wonderful network of family and friends, a job I love, and we are living in a fantastic house that provides me with just enough projects to do! For the record, if I die tomorrow, I will die feeling that I wouldn’t change anything right now.

Anyways, thanks to everyone for reading!

I have been looking for an excuse to use this somewhere….


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  1. So thrilled to read your blog and hear your well expressed feelings …I am so happy that I am not the only one that is enjoying your blog xxxxoooo looking forward to seeing you on the 12th jk


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