Cool Kool-Aid Hair


Those people who know me, know that I have a long history of colouring my hair… I started my hair dying career with kool aid and lemon juice, at a young age. However, I never had much success with the kool aid because my hair was too dark. The funny thing is now that I actually have to colour my hair to cover up the grey, it’s somehow not as fun…But, now I have a daughter, so I get to play with her hair! Samantha’s hair is very light blonde. It almost reaches her waist, I have only cut it once, other than the occasional trim, so we have lots of hair to work with. I saw this hairstyle and thought it was cute…

So, because Samantha’s hair is so light, we didn’t have to lighten it before hand, it is light enough especially on the ends to show most colours.
Samantha picked pink and purple to start with, so we poured 1/2 cup of boiling water into a mug for each colour, and dissolved the koolaid mix into the water.

We brushed her hair first, and decided we would dye a few chunks of hair at the bottom, like in the picture.

We covered the area in old towels, and tested the colours by dipping a chunk of hair into each cup and waiting a few minutes. After a couple minutes, we pulled out the test pieces and decided we didn’t really like the purple, because mixed with her hair, the colour turned kind of a muddy brown, so we changed to blue instead.

We left the strands of hair in for about 3-4 minutes. As I pulled them out, I squeezed them dry with the old towels I had.

This is what it looked like after we pulled out the hair and squeezed it…

Sam wanted to see the colour from the front, so we got out a paint brush and painted a couple chunks of her hair, with the towel underneath.

So, this is what it looked like after…





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    • I am not sure, I definitely think you would have to let it sit for longer…the great part is that it will cost you less than a dollar to try! If you really want it to be brighter, you could bleach a few sections of your hair, I’m sure it would show more… Let me know how it turns out if you try it!
      By the way, if anyone else is wondering, It does wash out! My daughters hair is back to normal now!


  1. I’ve been dying my hair with koolaid and it definitely works well. The purple turned auburn in my hair. I think you have to bleach it in order to get a real purple color. I haven’t done multiple colors yet, but I want to do that soon. Thanks for the tips on how to do more than 1 color.


    • It took about three weeks for it to totally wash out. I have heard from other people that it lasted a lot longer though. My daughter’s hair is naturally blonde, maybe it is more permanent if your hair is bleached. I guess to be sure, do a test strand….
      But, we have done it a couple times, and it worked well for us!
      Let me knw how it worked for you.


    • Dyed mine with purple and red. The purple faded but the red is seven months strong and the only reason some of it is gone is because I’ve cut it off so beware if you want it to wash out!


      • I have heard from someone of Pinterest that it can be permanent…I wonder if it reacts differently with hair that has been lightened, because it washed totally out of sam’s hair in a couple weeks! We have done it a couple times.
        I guess it would be smart to try a test strip first… so use with caution everyone!
        Thanks for the feedback!


      • I have natural blonde hair that actually looks a little bit darker than your daughter’s. I also had a friend with brown hair that did just the red and she had a tint in her hair for quite a while too.


  2. HEY!
    I really want to do it but my hair is dark brown and im scared the colour wont come off! HELPP!!
    TIP: You should try buying hair spray from shoppers and it is really good. it may make your hair really stiff after but i can gurantee that it will come off after washing ur hair or it will fade 🙂


  3. I am not sure the colour would even show up in your hair. I would say that if the hairspray works for you, then use it! We did also try the manic panic colour, and that worked pretty well, and washed out in a few weeks….


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