As we were eating, the kids and I were trying to decide whether to call these octo-dogs or dogtopusses… We decided on octo-dogs.
John used to make these when he worked in daycare years ago, and he said the kids loved them.
Because it is getting warmer out, I thought I would make these on the barbeque, but they also work well boiled.
They are very easy to make. First, cut the hotdog in half, then use a knife to start at the cut end, and slit them in quarters, stopping about a centimeter away from the round end.

Then, because I found cutting with the knife a little tricky, I cut each quarter in half with a pair of kitchen scissors.

I popped them into the barbeque on their sides…

And as they cook, they began to curl, so I turned them so they were upright.

Then, when they were finished, I added some ketchup eyes, put some ketchup, mustard and relish on a plate, and set them out for a swim!



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