Bling bling!


We needed a mothers day craft for girl guides this week, and we had picture frames, so I thought we could add a little sparkle to them..
To add some bling to a picture frame, you need, white glue, plastic rhinestones, glitter, and of course a picture frame.

Now, I love the bling-bling sparkle of glitter as much as any girl does, but I have been teaching long enough to know what a massive mess is created by a group of kids and even the smallest amount of glitter! So, my solution to this it to make your own glitter glue. It is also a whole lot cheaper than store bought glitter glue!
Start by pouring a small amount of glue into a small container, then add some glitter and mix it with a Popsicle stick. Use the glue the same way as you use normal glue… Sooo much easier to manage! If you are doing this with a group of kids, give them each their own little container, and have them mix their own… If you can find any, film canisters work great!

Basically, once you have your glitter glue made, spread it over the frame. You can use an old paint brush or Popsicle stick. Then, just start sticking on the rhinestones…

You can add a few rhinestones…

Or you can fill up all of the space with rhinestones…

I got a little excited about how great it looked and started looking around the house for things I could cover in rhinestones…and I found an old jewellery box… It looked like this before…

And…it looks like this now…

I saw on my pinterest account that someone had done this to cover an easter egg… That would be cool!



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  1. What a great idea and so easy….think I will try to do this for maybe Mother’s Day with Max? Wonder if a boy would get into it………….we shall see. Then again I have to have him on his own which may be difficult during school year……hope to see you soon Ellen. Perhaps at a baseball game.


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    • Hi, as long as it is in a sealed container, it should last for at least a couple weeks. The colour from the glitter did come off a little and coloured the glue, after sitting for a while, but it still looks good when it dries.
      I wonder if you could just dump the glitter into your glue bottle. I would think that would work as well…I will have to add that on my list of thinks to try this summer!
      Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate it!
      Good luck!


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