Snail racing!


We had snail races last summer with our neighbors and the kids had so much fun with it, we decided to do it again!
Where we live, every time I dig around in the garden, I find at least a couple snails. So while I was gardening today, I collected a few for the kids…

Here is a closer shot of what they look like…

We dug out a few different colours of nail polish and put a dab of colour on each one. Then we picked our favourites to win!
The race track is simply a paper plate turned upside down with a starting circle in the center, and a finish line around the edge. The rules are simple, put the snails in the starting circle, and the first snail to cross the finish line wins!


As you can see, it was a close race, but, “Baby Red” won the first race and, “Blue” won the second and “Greeny” won the third…

Purple aka. slowpoke got off to a slow start, but once he got started, there was no stopping him!
It was really funny because a couple weeks ago, the kids actually found a snail with nail polish on its back from last year! I think I will send them around in a few days to see if we can find any of the snails! That should keep them busy for a little bit, right?

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