Waterfall booklets…


I have used this idea a few times over the years. I have had the kids in my class make their own, I have provided these as reference sheets for students (i made the Peek Sheets booklet in the picture as a reference for students to use with prompts and definitions) I have used them as student workbooks (the poetry booklet in the picture) and I have used them for art projects too.

They are so easy to make! I have found they work best with 3-5 sheets of paper. I like using different colours of paper…especially rainbow colours! The example I will show you is using 5 sheets.

Stack them on top of each other, and stagger them lengthwise like in the picture…

Then, fold all of the sheets over…

Be sure to leave an even gap between the middle two sheets, they will be the same colour. Press the paper to make a sharp fold…

Finally,staple the booklet. If you have one of those long armed staplers, you could staple on the fold, like this…

But, if you don’t have a long armed stapler, you can just staple like this…

That’s it…a waterfall booklet…simple idea with lots of potential!!



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