Gateway to our Backyard!


Because we have a pool, to have a working, self closing gate is essential. As a matter of fact, when we first bought the house, we had our gate zip tied closed by the city because it wasn’t self-closing! Over the winter, something happened, and when we opened the gate a couple weeks ago, this is what happened:

I had previously installed a spring on the front of the gate, which was supposed to spring it closed, but that only lasted a couple weeks, before it popped off. So this time, I bought hinges that are self closing, so they have a spring mechanism inside.
I started by removing all of the old hardware. Then, I propped up the gate to the height I wanted, and shoved a couple bricks under to level it.

I placed the hinges where I wanted them and used a marker to mark the holes, then drilled the holes…

I screwed in the bolts to attach the hinges to the post first.

Then I used a level to make sure the gate was level and even. I had to adjust the bricks I had used to support it a little. Then I marked where the holes needed to be drilled, and drilled the pilot holes.

Then, I used the bolts provided to attach the hinges to the gate.

Here’s the new gate!

I almost forgot, I also had to remove the latch from the old gate and attach it to the new gate…

We should have done this when we redid the walkway….this is what the walkway looked like before and after..

I wish I had more pictures of the process, but we did this last summer, before I started my blog…
We had to call someone in to fix the bricks on the side of the house, but I pulled up all of the interlock bricks. Then we got a truckload of pea gravel, and added stepping stones. As you can see in the picture, I also put in some of the stepping stones we made between the larger stones.
The entrance to our backyard looks much better now! Now if only I could find a better place to put all of the yard waste bins, and garbage cans…

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