Food colouring roses


We are lucky enough to have some beautiful roses growing in our backyard, ok, well actually, we are lucky enough to have neighbors who grow beautiful roses that poke through our side of the fence in the backyard! Lol. Btw I can’t tell you how excited I am that they have just planted a cherry and peach tree too….right beside our fence!
Anyways, my general strategy with growing my neighbors roses is to let them poke through the fence until they bloom, then cut them off and put them on our kitchen table.
So today was no different, except for the fact that I made a trellis to support the rose branches on our side of the fence, before I cut a few of the flowers. Dylan and I picked off the thorns and planted them in water. Then, we got the idea to try to add some food colouring to the water.
Here are the roses…

We added red food colouring…

We added about 20 or so drops of colour to the water…

But, then we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we added TWO colours! So I used a knife to slit the stem in half, then got a couple small glasses with a couple tablespoons of water…

The kids added red to one glass and blue to another glass..



I had to use a BBQ skewer to hold up the rose with a twist tie, but here is what it looked like after an hour…

And here is what it looked like by the morning!

The kids were so excited! The other roses in the larger vase with just the red food colouring was a really subtle change, I think it is because there was a lot more water, and not as much colouring…I think in this case, it needs a lot of colouring.
We decided we want to try another one with four different colours, I think I am going to have to sneak some miracle grow into the neighbors backyard… We need more roses! I’ll post again when we try it… I wonder if it would work with different leaves or flowers….

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