Balloon juggling balls


I have made my own bean bags before using lentils (what else do you do with lentils?) but Sam gave me an idea last night when she found a bag of balloons and started stuffing one with the rocks that she found in the garden…i had a few concerns with this idea for obvious reasons…
So, we compromised on using rice as a stuffing for the balloons. I think I saw this idea in Today’s Parent magazine….
The only rice I happened to have was basmati, so that is what we used…

We cut the tops off the balloons, right about the point where they start to widen…

Then, I stretched the balloon open while one of the kids poured about a quarter cup of rice in. Notice how we are doing this outside, we ended up making three balls, but we never actually figured out how to do this first step without loosing half of the rice when you let go of the balloon.
We did however figure out how to stuff more rice in after you let go of the balloon. You can pack quite a bit more rice into each balloon if you pack it down with your finger, then pour a little more in the top and repeat until the kids are bored…

Once the balloons are filled to the size you want, cut the ends off of three more balloons.

Then, stretch one of the balloons around the rice filled one. I figured these are made to be kicked around, so I actually added a third layer too, just to be sure….


To make the balls look really cool, take another balloon, and cut a few holes in different places…

Then, stretch it over the ball… (sorry, just realized I changed colours of the balloons)

And repeat with different colours, trying to overlap the holes so you can see through…


Look at the finished products!

The kids had a great time making them, but even better was the fact that they could play with them after!

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