Black and white stairway…


I love taking pictures of my kids, friends and family. It’s truly amazing how much things change in such a short amount of time. But, the thing is that sometimes you don’t realize how much they have changed until you look back. I have said this before, and I’m going to say it again; I feel truly blessed to have the life that I have now. Also, the fact that I am a teacher and it is July really helps me maintain this incredibly positive attitude right now too!
Anyways, I am always looking for ways to display my favourite pictures, and I have been collecting stairway photos on pinterest…
Here are a few ideas that I really liked…(btw, I really have to figure out how to link other blogs on here, because I would really like to give people credit for their ideas when I “borrow” them)

Here is what the hallway looked like before…

For the past two weeks, I have been searching through all of our photos to find my favourites. I ended up developing over 100 pictures in black and white.

Then, I searched the house and found every picture frame I could put my hands on, and spray painted them all black…some I used a spray primer first, some I sprayed matte black and others I sprayed a glossy…

Then, I had to sort through the pictures again, and i framed my top choices. When I had them all in frames, I started hanging the pictures. I started with using the holes from the previous pictures. I also started by hanging some of the larger pictures first.

I tried to leave a uniform space between each picture. I also used a few found objects like keys, an old gate lock, a couple snowglobes, some wooden letters, and shadow boxes to add some interest…

I had to touch up a few of the frames where the paint had scratched off with a sharpie marker. When I was happy with the placement, I used some of the removable 3M double sided tape strips to attach the bottom corners of the frames to the wall. I know the kids will be bumping into these frames. I tried using sticky tack, but it just isn’t strong enough. The 3M tape will also ensure all of the pictures stay level. For the frames that didn’t have hangers, I pulled off the hinge and stand at the back of the frame, and used the 3M Velcro picture hangers to attach them to the wall. The velcro strips are fantastic, you just stick one side to the wall, and one to the frame and push.

Here is my finished staircase… I love it!




Thanks to all of my inspiration photos for this fantastic idea, this is really easy to duplicate with your own photos and treasures!

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  1. …..ah…. what fun you will have walking down your stairway and enjoying your family pictures…………..loved the varied shapes and sizes in your arrangement………….enjoy!


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