Our Budget Build-a-Bear Party


Our family was busy preparing for Samantha’s birthday party last weekend. She has been talking about having a build a bear party since last year, but after looking into it, they are crazy expensive! Not to mention that the nearest build-a-bear store, is a half hour drive, and about 25 dollars per kid not including cake or food…i did look into home parties and i found kits online where you can make them at home, but the were still 20-30 dollars plus shipping! Needless to say, I have tried to persuade her into having another type of party, but she really wanted this.
So, this is what we came up with…
We found these adorable puppets at the dollar store for two dollars each…

We pulled out the stuffing and lining…

Then, I bought a couple bags of polyester stuffing. When the kids came over for the party, we spread out all of the stuffing on the table. The kids were very excited! (I don’t have parent permission to use their photos, so I just took pictures of their hands, not the excited expressions on their faces)

They picked their stuffed animals and began stuffing. I forgot to take a picture, but I did dig up some fabric embellishments to put inside of the animal, like roses and stars, to make their animal’s “heart”.


Then, the kids went for a swim while my mom and I used a needle and thread to stitch the bottoms closed.

We had just enough time to sew all of the animals, however, without my moms help, I would have been tight for time. (thanks mom!) So if you are going to do this, I would suggest you line up two sewers.
Overall, the idea worked really well! It was the right skill level for 8 year olds, it took the right amount of time, the cost was fantastic, and most important the kids were really happy that they “made” their own stuffed animals. Also, in terms of the lootbags, we bought bags big enough to hold the animals, and just added a couple extras, but the animals were a great lootbag filler too!


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