The absolute best way to cut a watermelon!


When the kids were about three years old, one of the few foods they would always eat was watermelon. So, I spent a lot of time cutting watermelon, and I have to say that I now have the fastest, most efficient way of cutting watermelon! I can seriously chop a watermelon into cubes in less than three minutes. (now that I am bragging about it, I’m going to have to time myself, I’ll keep you posted!)
First, cut the watermelon in half, then cut the halves into halves (or I could just say, cut it into quarters)…

Next, separate the rind by slicing right between the rind where it turns pink…

Then, cut parallel vertical slices from the corner, right through to the rind…

Spin the watermelon so one of the corners with the rind is facing you. Then hold the vertical slices in place with your hand, while you cut slices horizontally…

Then, spin the watermelon around so that the opposite corner of the watermelon is now facing you. Repeat the same horizontal cut, with your hand holding the slices in place again. This will cut the watermelon into cubes…

Then, simply dump the perfectly cut watermelon cubes into a serving bowl.

You can easily cut smaller cubes for smaller mouths, or larger cubes for larger mouths (I am trying really hard not to crack a joke about my husband here…) Cutting the watermelon into cubes is a much easier and neater way for kids to eat watermelon. I even sometimes give the kids toothpicks, or those fancy swords, or umbrellas to use to pick up the watermelon cubes… Great for when there is a crowd, or no place to properly wash hands…


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