Nice, easy, and tasty


Here is another little snack I have tried for one of our summer get togethers. It is simple, easy, and the best part was that I got the kids to make them for me!
You need tomato, basil, bocconcini, and skewers. I found these cute little bamboo skewers with a little knot on the end…

Wash the basil and tomato, and rinse the bocconcini. Then I cut the bocconcini in half, it seemed too big, next time I would like to find a smaller sized bocconcini.
Anyways, then I called the kids and on the skewers, they put on a cherry tomato, half a leaf of basil, bocconcini, basil, the finished with another tomato.

We kept making them until we ran out of tomatoes… Here is what they looked like…

They were easy to make, they tasted good and looked nice… I will make them again!



I love drawing letters, and I love picking and downloading fonts too. Actually along with publishing a book, designing a font is on my bucket list! As a teacher, I have spent many hours drawing, and choosing lettering styles and designs for worksheets, borders, posters for the classroom, and so on. Here is a quick and easy way that i use to draw block and bubble letters.
Materials needed

Step One -lightly write your words
The most important part is drawing your letters LIGHTLY. You should just be able to see the letters, no darker. You also want to get your spacing right, making sure all of your letters fit, and are the same size, and centered. So, clearly and neatly print your letters leaving space in between each letter. If you need to erase, now is the time!

Step Two- Trace around each letter
Make sure…

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