Ice cream sandwiches!


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Today I am going to share another summer party food idea that we have really enjoyed.
Homemade ice cream sandwiches! Yummy.
We made a batch of double chocolate cookies…I used the frozen dough, and made the cookies a little smaller than usual. Obviously, if you are a real keener or DIY freak, you can make the cookies from scratch!

I put the cookies in the fridge after they had cooled down a little, and left them there for a couple hours. I made the mistake of trying to make the first couple sandwiches with warm cookies, and take my word for it, it was a mess.
After they had cooled, I simply took a scoop of vanilla ice cream, placed it on one cookie, then finished the sandwich by adding the second cookie. By the way, you will have to forgive some of the blurry photos. My photographer at the moment is my seven year old daughter, so I can really complain about the quality…she works for ice cream. I really have to figure a way to take photos when my hands are busy!


I made about three cookies at a time, then put the three into the freezer on a tray, then made the next three. The idea here is that you want to keep these as cold as possible so the ice cream doesn’t melt. After I had made all of the sandwiches. I took three out at a time and added some chocolate sprinkles to the ice cream part. I just put a container under, and sprinkled them on a pinch at a time.


If you can make these ahead of time so the ice cream can harden again, they are much easier to eat. Making them the day before you are planning on eating them is perfect.



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