Top Secret Zucchini Messages!


All right, where I live right now it is zucchini season. My garden is producing more zucchini that we can eat! So I have been searching on pinterest and my next few posts are going to be about the creative ways we have eaten the massive quantities of zucchini!
But, for today, I want to show you something that the kids and I tried out. We have been keeping an eye on how quickly the zucchinis have been growing, and it’s pretty incredible how fast they grow!
So, we decided to do a little experiment.
We found a little baby zucchini…

Then we took a BBQ skewer, and scratched the kids names into it…


Here is what the zucchini looked like a couple weeks later…

Pretty neat eh? This was a great little science lesson, especially so because they helped plant the seeds way back in may!

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