Reusable “water balloons”


After the kids had their swimming lesson today, we stopped off at the dollar store and picked up a few sponges…to make some sponge balls for some water fun. You would use these the same way as water balloons. Great for a water fight on a hot day! All you need is a couple sponges, a pair of scissors and a couple elastic bands.

We started by using the scissors to cut the sponge in half…

I did this for two sponges. This part would be a little tough for the kids to do, because it takes a little bit of strength to cut through the sponge, so I did this step…

Then in each of the four halves, we cut four or five slits into the center, but not quite touching in the middle…

We did this for all four pieces of sponge…

Then, all you have to do is tie an elastic band around the center of all four layers. The kids needed a hand with this part. It was a little tricky to wrap the elastic around a few times.

It took us about half an hour to make five…Now for the fun part!

You could use a bucket of water to dip them into, to have a sponge toss, or water fight…Or bring them right into the pool if you have one!


The kids had a great time making them and tossing them around this afternoon! It was a good craft for a hot day.

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