This recipe attracted me right away because my kids love eating nutella! I was a little curious about what ingredients are actually in a bottle of nutella…is it healthy or isn’t it? Turns out, it’s a little bit of both!
You need the following ingredients…
2 cups of hazelnuts

1cup chocolate chips.

2 tbsp oil.

3tbsp icing sugar.

2 tbsp cocoa powder.

1/2 tsp vanilla.

1/2 tsp salt.

Here are what the packages of hazelnuts look like…

Start by roasting the hazelnuts in an oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.

Then, while the hazelnuts are still warm, put them into a towel or cloth…

And rub them inside the towel to remove the skin…cool trick eh?

Once you have removed as much of the skin as you can, put the hazelnuts into the food processor for a few minutes.

The next step is to melt the chocolate.

Then, add the melted chocolate to the hazelnuts, along with all of the other ingredients, and blend at the highest setting.

At this point, I wasn’t happy with the consistency. It was very gritty. You can even see it in the photo. So I poured it into the blender, and blended it for a few minutes.

The result was much better, as you can see here…

Overall, I was very pleased with the taste! I really like the fact that I know every ingredient. It is also amazing on homemade waffles! I recently bought a waffle maker, so we have been eating quite a bit of waffles lately…here is the recipe I have been using, except I have been trying to substitute whole wheat flower…


I will definitely make the nutella spread again, especially because I bought the hazelnuts at Costco, so I have enough left over to make another 10 jars! I also found another delicious sounding recipe to make nutella wraps using egg roll wraps, and bananas… Mmmmmmm…


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