The magic monster comes alive!


In a couple posts I wrote last week, I drafted the pattern for my daughter’s magic monster shirt, and I sewed the tutu. I wanted to share with you how I decorated the shirt to make it look more like the skin of a monster, and the rest of the costume.
Sam and I had picked out this really cool sparkly fabric when were were fabric shopping, but of course I had no idea how we were going to use it because it was so sheer and thin. We decided that it would be cool to cut out a bunch of circles, and use it as texture for the monsters skin.
So we attracted by cutting out a bunch of circles…

Then I glued them on in random spots of the costume before I sewed it together…


Then we glued some dots of white glue where we sprinkled sparkles, or glued rhinestones…


Then, I sewed together the shirt, side seams and shoulders first, the put in the arms…

Sam had a vision for the monsters head.. She wanted two horns, so we started with a furry Viking hat, then we cut out, and hand stitched an eye in the middle of the head. For the hair, we used a fluffy scarf I had, and finally we added a couple bows made from left over fabric from the shirt.
So we put together the head, the tutu, the shirt, and we made a wand out of a straw, some leftover fabric and sparkles, and duct tape. Here is the final Magic Monster….ready to trick or treating…


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