Making a tutu


This year, for Halloween, my daughter, Samantha wants to be a “magic monster with super powers” so, because this magic monster is a girl, she needs to be wearing a dress, right? So if it’s going to be a dress, it might as well be a tutu, right? So, here’s how I made the tutu for the super monster… I figured I would post it because the same method, or steps can also make regular ballerina tutus, or a witches tutu…the possibilities are endless!

I bought two meters of tulle. It was $1.50 per meter, but regularly $3.00

The tulle is pretty wide. For the length for Sam, I figured I could fold it lengthwise to make five layers. I have tried using pins with tulle before, and it is really frustrating, so I would recommend using safety pins. I folded the tulle into five layers, and used a safety pin every couple feet to hold it in place.

To make it comfortable, because the tulle is quite itchy against the skin, I made the waist band out of the shiny fabric I am using to make a matching top. So, I cut a two metre strip of the shiny fabric, and I cut an elastic to fit Samantha’s waist.

To attach the waistband, I first sewed the shiny fabric to the tulle, right sides in.

Then I clipped the excess fabric and tulle close to the seam..

Then I turned the raw edge under and folded the fabric over to make a pocket for the elastic. I sewed as close to the seam as I could

Once that seam was done. I threaded the elastic through the “pocket”

Then I sewed the elastic and tulle together down the side seam…

To fluff it up, I cut apart where the tulle was folded at the bottom and pulled the layers apart. This is what it looks like finished…


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