Halloween handouts!


I LOVE Halloween! I love the decorating, dressing up, and of course, I love the candy! But, I have really been trying to cut down on our candy intake. It is really hard when the kids end up with bags and bags of candy… And when we have left over candy from handing out on top of that!
So, last year, I decided that we are not going to hand out any more candy! After Halloween was over, I went to Walmart and Michaels, and bought a bunch of little toys on sale…here is what I picked up…everything from kaleidoscopes, rats, glow in the dark bracelets, to spider rings, pencils, and stickers…

Because it was after Halloween, all of the stuff was 50-75 percent off, so it was much cheaper than candy. I also bought some little Halloween bags.

Basically, I put three little thing in each bag than taped the top of the bag closed. Of course, I had help!

We ended up making over 100 bags, but the best part is whatever we don’t use, we can toss into a box and use next year, and, I won’t eat the leftovers!

The kids love getting them too! We will see how many kids end up coming, I think the forecast is still calling for rain…

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