Halloween potluck


At work tomorrow, we are having a potluck lunch. And with this miserable, rainy weather we have been having for the last week, I have been really tired! So, when I signed up, I signed up for a meat dish…and as of this afternoon, I had no idea what to make. I searched on line and found a couple really gross meat dishes like baked rat, and a severed head made out of meat, but I thought they were a little gross… And took a lot of time and energy… So I thought of a much easier idea! I bought a selection of cold cuts, like turkey, ham, roast beef, salami and polish sausage.

I dug through my halloween decorations and found a fancy spooky platter, a severed hand, and a few spiders, and washed them thoroughly….

I put the hand on the bottom, and cut up polish sausage on top, then I rolled the slices of meat and placed them on the tray.

Then added a few spiders…

And finally, the kids and I had fun coming up with names for each kind of meat. I used plant markers to write the names on…


I thought it turned out pretty well, and the best part is now I am sitting on the couch relaxing after dinner, rather than cooking!
Happy Halloween!

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