T-Shirt Scarves


I have seen these scarves all over the internet, so I just had to try making one. The boys were going to the Raptors Basketball game this weekend, and Sam and I were going to spend the day at my Mom’s. So, I brought along three of John’s old t-shirts, and a couple sharp pairs of scissors, and put the girls to work.

We started by cutting off the bottom hems of the shirts…


Then, we cut the t-shirt in half straight across, just under the armpits.

After that, we cut the midsection into strips about an inch or a inch and a half wide, leaving the side seams uncut, so we ended up with a bunch of loops…

Here is the really cool part, one at a time, you pull the strips! When they are stretched, they curl up…


That’s it! I like it when you loop it around your neck twice…

Sam wanted to braid her scarf, so we followed all of the above steps, then cut the loop, and tied one end with a scrap.

She then, she braided it, and we tied the other end so it looked like this…

They were so quick and easy to make! We had some scraps left over from the shoulders, and some time before the boys were due to be back, so we decided to try out one of the other ideas I saw using t-shirt fabric. You start by cutting out circles, you can use a plate or template, but I just freehanded it…

Then, cut a swirl or spiral into the center…

The cool thing is that when you pull the swirl, it makes a ruffle!

Make a whole bunch of ruffles, and tie them together…

and you end up with a scarf that looks like this…

We all ended up with scarves we were happy with, but more importantly, we spent a really nice girls day together! Love you mom and Sam!

I can’t wait to try making some other stuff out of t-shirts…you could sew, knit, crochet, weave…just wait, i’ll think of something….

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    • Thanks, it really was surprisingly easy, my daughter loved making them! I get comments every time I wear mine too. I was so excited when my husband said he wanted to sort out his closet!


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