Got any old magazines or books laying around?


Once again, I have to credit Pinterest for this idea…and I swear I have tried to find the website where I found it originally, but I can’t find it…
Anyways, when I tried this out at school, the kids were instantly interested and wanted to know how to make them. These are perfect to make out of magazines or catalogs!
All you need is an old magazine…that’s it…oh, and a little bit of free time, which I apparently have tonnes of! It’s funny how it works, but the more I have to do, the more creative I am!

You start at the back of the magazine, and fold the top corner over so it meets the inside fold…

Then, fold it over again…

close the magazine and fold up the bottom…

Then, repeat and repeat until you have folded the entire magazine..

Then it will look like this…



As you can kind of tell in the photo, I tried with a few different kinds of paper. I made a couple out of Archie Comics, magazines, paperback books that were falling apart, magazines, even scholastic flyers… The kids at home and at school loved doing this, I even had the Brownies make them to decorate our float at the parade next weekend…wait to see what we are going to do! We are making two christmas trees out of water bottles and recycled paper, and a garland out of pop cans. I also ordered a huge number of glow sticks on-line! I’ll take lots of pictures!

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