T-shirt Wreath


After making the recycle t-shirt scarves, I started thinking about what else you could make out of tshirts, and I came across a wreath made with tulle that looked like a santa suit. So I thought I could create the same idea, but with recycled materials.

All you need is a red t-shirt, and a coat hanger, and a few scraps of cardboard and a couple paperclips.

With a sharp pair of scissors, cut the t-shirt across under the armpit, and cut the hem off of the bottom
If you were going to make an infinity scarf, or end up with loops, you can just cut the t-shirt into strips, but i thought it would be easier to start with a continuous piece. So, here is how you can make t-shirt yarn. This yarn is fantastic to knit, crochet, or weave with! My mind is racing with all of the things I could do here!
So, to make a continuous strip, leave the side seams attached, and cut the t-shirt into strips about an inch or an inch and a half wide, being careful to stop cutting about two inches from one of the side seams like this…
Open the t-shirt up and slip something in the middle so you can see clearly, and won’t cut through. I slipped in a piece of cardboard…
Now here it the tricky part, to make it one continuous piece, you are going to cut the strips diagonally, so they attach to the strip in the row above…look carefully…
Start by making an end, by cutting apart one strip like this…
Then connect the rows diagonally by cutting parallel to your first line like this…
Keep going…
Until you have connected all of the rows, and you should have one very long piece…
Now for my daughters favourite part, pulling the strips! When you pull the strips, they curl around, making almost a little tube…So this strip…
Turns into this..
Here’s what it looks like pulled…

To cut the strips into smaller lengths, all the same size, I folded a piece of cardboard, wrapped the strips around and cut it off at both sides
Then, I bent the coat hanger into a big circle…
And I started tying on all of the strips, just a single knot…

Keep tying until you have covered the whole wreath..
Then, to make the buckle, I used a scrap of silver paper, that I cut a hole in the center. And to make the belt, I used a piece of cardboard and covered in in black tape…
I added a couple ho ho’s with the silver and black paper, and twisted a couple paperclips to attach them to the wreath. Here is the t-shirt wreath complete!
I actually bought two t-shirts for the wreath…what should i make out of the other one?

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  1. ……..aah …………what could I think of to make of that lovely thick cording?………..would it be crocheting, knotting, knitting, adding decoration, making fringe, making tassels, finger knitting toques, tubes for scarves…………….I give up…………I wonder what you will think of next!


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