Santa Snacks


Once again, at work it is potluck time at work, and by 7:00, I really didn’t feel like baking up a storm…it’s only fun when I have tonnes of other things to do…when I have to bake under pressure, it loses some of it’s appeal.
So to make a long whiny story short, I needed something quick, easy, and good enough to serve at a potluck. So, I did what I always do when I need an idea, I looked on Pinterest. I found these ideas that I thought were cute…


So I bought some Two-Bite Brownies, a container of vanilla icing, and a couple containers of strawberries.

I filled an icing bag with the icing. A trick to filling an icing bag is to use a glass to hold up the bag, by folding it over the rim of the glass. My plastic glasses are the perfect size…



Then I washed the strawberries and cut off the stems, so the widest part of the strawberry was flat.

Then I spread out the brownies, and iced the tops, trying the make the outside neat, put the strawberries on top, then piped a pom pom “blob” on top.

Repeat the process a few times and you have what I’m going to call, Santa Snacks.



For the lunch, I washed the strawberries at home, filled the icing bag, then an hour before, I put them together, they literally took less than 10 minutes! I think they would look great on top of a cheese cake too.

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