Christmas Bags


I am one of the first ones to get into the holiday spirit in terms of decorating and baking, but I am not a huge fan of wrapping. I hate the huge pile of wrapping paper we toss out every christmas morning, and I hate the amount of time it takes to wrap all of the presents. So a couple years ago I tried this idea out, and sewed a bunch of small sized bags for stocking stuffers, and it has worked so well, I want to make some bigger bags this year. It makes wrapping so much easier, and doesn’t create any garbage, and can be used year after year. Each family member picks a different fabric, and I don’t even have to put tags on the gifts!
I have even given these bags as gifts, for other people to use for wrapping… it’s the gift that keeps on giving!
The best part is I have a special arrangement with Santa…I send him the bags, and he wraps all of the presents using the bags! After Christmas, the kids and I pack them in a box, and send them to Santa to use for next year!
To make these gift bags, you need a different fabric for each kid/family member, a sewing machine, and some ribbon or cord for the drawstring.

Start by cutting up the fabric into squares. I decided to make a bunch of different sizes. Obviously, you need two pieces of each size, for a front and back of the bag

Next, make sure the right sides of the fabric are facing in and you have to sew around the perimeter, leaving the top open (once again, seems obvious).
Because these bags are really not going to be used heavily, used once per year,and will probably never be washed. The bags do not need to have finished edges or seams. So here is the quickest way I have found to add a drawstring…
When you are sewing the first seam, fold over both sides of one corner, and sew right across the fold. This will be the top opening of the bag…

you can sort of see in the top right corner…

Then, cut the drawstring the right length to go all the way around the bag with a few inches extra on each side..

What I do is I fold over the top right over the drawstring, and sew the seam. This way, I dont even have to thread the drawstring through.

And, because I have already folded over that corner at the start, I have a finished opening for the drawstring. Here is a close up of the finished opening…

Done, now only about 20 more to do!

Here is another close up of the drawsing opening…it is a little easier to see with the blue fabric…



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