SEW Easy Letters!


I know the “sew” pun is a little cheesy, but I couldn’t think of anything else….sorry.

I have been working on decorating the library, and I wanted to make a few signs so I thought I would share the lettering technique I used.
So here goes, start by writing what ever word you want in large capital letters, be sure you space them out evenly. Write lightly so that when you erase them, the lines won’t show at all

Next, trace around the letters to make block letters. I used an 07 drawing pen…

Then, erase all of the pencil lines…

I use a thinner pen (03) to draw a line of stitching, basically a dotted line a couple millimetres away from the line.

You could stop there and colour them in…or, you could make patchwork, or quilted letters. All you have to do is draw a few squares inside the letters then add stitching. You can even do a neater stitching like the S, or more of a patch, like the Y

If you want to get really fancy, you can even add some appliqued flowers!

Or, just leave the letters plain…

I coloured the letters with marker…I really have to start scanning in my drawings and adding colour on the computer…one of these days… anyways, I coloured in the letters with markers.

I also made a big sign for the library using this same style of lettering…




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