The best homemade cough remedy…ginger tea…


That persistent cough that has been going around made it into our house… and I really hate continuously taking or giving cough medicine for it… so I know that lemon and honey are good for sore throats, so I googled homemade cough medicine, and found a recipe that I modified a little. The cool thing with this recipe is that you can take a spoonful like a cough syrup, or the way I love to take it is to mix a spoonful with a cup of boiling water and have as a cup of tea. All you need is organic honey, lemon, and fresh ginger. I have also seen recipes with a little cayenne pepper, but I know the kids wouldn’t like that, so I left it out. Sam still thinks that toothpaste is too spicy…I don’t think she would enjoy the heat of cayenne peppers somehow.

Start by putting a layer of chopped ginger in the bottom of a glass jar. add a squeeze of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice. I also cut up and peeled thin slices of lemon to add, but adding the lemon also reduces the shelf life, so you could also just add the lemon right before use.


Keep repeating adding the ginger and lemon and honey and fill up the jar.


Let it sit for a while. You can use it right away, but the longer you wait, the stronger the taste of ginger. Store in the fridge for no longer than a couple weeks.
Have a teaspoon as is, or add a teaspoon to boiling water. Yummy, and it works. Much better that Buckleys too!

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