Samantha’s Magnetic Magic Show

Samantha’s Magnetic Magic Show

Samantha’s homework this weekend was to make a toy with a force. Part of her homework was to share how she made it. The kids are constantly saying, “You should put this on your blog!” For this project, Sam had to explain how she made it, so I thought, why not let her write a blog? So…..I would like to introduce my special guest blogger for today… 8 year old daughter……SAMANTHA!!!! So I’m passing control of my ipad over to her…From here on… it’s all Samantha!


Hi my name is Samantha and I am going to tell you how to make a magnet magic set (that uses forces). The plan i came up with was to use a magnet wand to magically pick up a spoon, but then I realized that spoons are not that magnetic. The spoon kept dropping from my magnet so I put it into a container to catch it. Then I decided not to use a spoon at all, just to use two plain old magnets. But then, we decided to decorate the magnets to make it more like a magic trick, so it looks like something is flying.

So here is how you can make your own magic trick. First you will need: tape,magnets, markers, sticks made out of wood, and also a container.
To make the wand, place a magnet on the top of the stick and wrap the tape around.

This is what it looks like!

The next step is to design what you want to make fly, and i drew myself.

Then you cut your figure out like this…..

After that you glue or tape your figure to a magnet.

When you are finished that, you draw a picture for the background and colour it.

The next step is to tape the background on to the container…

…After that place your figure inside and the wand at the back and PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To make it move you just drag the wand around the back of the container where you want your figure to move. To make it seem like magic, you could say some magic words.

Remember I told you that this magic set uses forces? Now I will explain what forces it uses and how. The first force I knew was magnetic force or magnetism because we are using magnets to make it move (and so it’s magical). When I was playing with this magic set, I realized it has two other forces. It has friction because the magnet is rubbing against the background and it has gravity because when when you hold it up, the magnet pushes the gravity so the magnet goes up against gravity.
I hope my class likes my magic trick when they get to see it!
Guess what? Dylan made one too! He made a race track and it looks like this:

Here is mine…

Oh, I forgot to mention that if you want to make different tricks, you can just draw another background.


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